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 Whose Thought Game

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PostSubject: Whose Thought Game   Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:03 am

I'm going to type something vague. Count it as a thought from one of the Code Lyoko characters over something. Try to correctly guess the character.

After you've guessed, write your own thought below it. If you've guessed my character wrong, you have been captured by XANA. You may not post again until you are freed by the person who guesses your own character correctly. Okay - actually, while imprisoned by XANA you may repeat the thought of your character from your previous post to see if someone can guess who it was you were talking about.

If you cannot get free from XANA after 3 turns, then you are a XANA Warrior. Post again like nothing's happened, but be misleading. Talk about one character, but seem like it could be another. Try to get more people captured by XANA. If you are 'caught' again, you can still post as normal - but it's probably best to wait a little bit in order to throw people off.

If someone guesses your character correctly before the person above you can reply whether you got their character right or not, just consider yourself still free since you would have been anyways.

It'll turn into a battle of 'good vs. evil' I guess? XP

I could probably add more things to complicate this further...

I know I explained this a bit strangely, but it's a 'person above you' game. So instead of me you guess who the thought of the person above you belongs to. Unless that's me. XP

This is going to be a horrible mess and maybe I should just delete it...

Well. Let's try starting this...

Hmm. Food sounds good right about now. Nah. It can wait a while longer.
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Whose Thought Game
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