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 Code Lyoko Cosplay

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PostSubject: Code Lyoko Cosplay   Code Lyoko Cosplay I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 4:42 am

Have you ever cosplayed as someone from Code Lyoko? Post your photos here!


This past Halloween I made a Yumi Ishiyama Lyoko costume. Not just any costume, but her costume from Evolution.
The start of my costume

Code Lyoko Cosplay Tumblr_mc0qdnDEr51rgh5gwo1_500

Code Lyoko Cosplay 67780_10151298105358130_1393160812_n

Code Lyoko Cosplay Tumblr_mcl4hblUdz1rgh5gwo1_500

Code Lyoko Cosplay Tumblr_mcm8zdX5z61rgh5gwo1_500

Code Lyoko Cosplay Tumblr_mcm92y98Ex1rgh5gwo1_500
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PostSubject: Re: Code Lyoko Cosplay   Code Lyoko Cosplay I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2013 8:58 pm

I love your cosplay Yumisplash! 8D

I've cosplayed as William Dunbar, and I've cosplayed at a Con as his Season 2 Earth outfit.

Code Lyoko Cosplay 1cd9e12ddd400c51dc5623be57bcadb2-d5j3t6b

Code Lyoko Cosplay 2dpa8o

Code Lyoko Cosplay W88h3r

Code Lyoko Cosplay Tumblr_m4wv17XmAM1qgcflso10_1280

I also cosplayed as his Season 4 outfit on Halloween.^^

Code Lyoko Cosplay Tumblr_mcvruiTZHx1qgcflso1_400
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Code Lyoko Cosplay
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