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PostSubject: About the Founder   About the Founder I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 4:30 am

My name is Marissa, but on the internet I am known as YumiSplash. I a 21, soon to be 22, year old female who is a Senior in college. I am studying Computer Information Systems along with getting a concentration in Asian Studies. On top of this, I am also learning the Japanese language.

I have been a huge fan of Code Lyoko since the very beginning. I have over 50 Code Lyoko fan videos and about a dozen fan fiction stories. If you are interested in these, feel free to contact me for the links Smile

I have a Code Lyoko Fan Site, which is currently being worked on: I need volunteers to write episode summaries, so if you are interested, you may also contact me about that.

I am also a Role Playing Admin/ Game Moderator for the popular Sailor Moon Forum: The Galaxy Cauldorn Forums
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About the Founder
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