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 Warning System

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PostSubject: Warning System   Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:23 am

This guide will be used to indicate punishments. Hopefully this will never have to be used. If you follow the rules, which there aren't even that many, you should be fine.

Like a Star @ heaven A pre-warning might be given instead of a warning if a user accidentally breaks a rule. An Actual warning will be given as a first offense depending on the user's actions.

Like a Star @ heaven Once a User reaches 3 warnings, he or she will be banned from Mystic truths for a determined amount of time. If you reach 3 warnings, but the time span is very stretched out, temp banishment might be overlooked. I say might since certain cases might be more difficult to forget than others.

Like a Star @ heaven Please note, that staff members have all rights to break away from this system at any time, depending on the situation.
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Warning System
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