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 Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 4:19 am

Like a Star @ heaven Upon joining the forum, it is understood that you have read over the rules of the forum. If you break a rule, you could be subjected to warnings, temporally being banned, or being removed from the forums entirely.

Like a Star @ heaven If something is added to the Rules, it will be announced. It is expected of all members to be up to date with the rules.

The Kadic Rule Book

Like a Star @ heaven Every section has a "About this Forum" sticky within it. Please read these stickies and understand them before posting within a section.

Like a Star @ heaven Please keep your signatures and avatars to a desirable size. If your avatar or signature is too big, a staff member might PM you and politely ask you to reduce it's size. (We don't want a signature taking up entire pages Wink )

Like a Star @ heaven Please limit the number of times you change your avatar. An avatar is your face on the forums.

Like a Star @ heaven Respect! Please to not fight, or cause drama on these forums. If you are having a problem with someone, please let me, YumiSplash, know. If you suspect someone is causing trouble, please do not call them out about it. Again, direct it to me.

Like a Star @ heaven Try to keep the amount of cursing low. I am not against cursing, but please know your limits. You will be warned if you curse at another member, or excessively use curse words.

Like a Star @ heaven Please, do not Role Play on these forums! Once we reach a certain number of members, an entire section for Role Playing will be opened! Until then, please refrain.

Like a Star @ heaven No spam, unless it is in the Wreck Room . Regardless, please do not post multiple posts within a row. If you are bumping a thread, please wait a minimum of 48hours since the last post on that thread.

Like a Star @ heaven Posting something that doesn't belong to you? Credit it.

Like a Star @ heaven If you post fan art or something code lyoko related that contains nudity, gore, or anything else that you wouldn't want your grandmother seeing, please hide this image in a spoiler tag.
and label it with a warning about what it contains above the tag.

Like a Star @ heaven If you post something that contains what the above mentioned and it is not fan art, or Code Lyoko related, THEN DO NOT POST IT!

Like a Star @ heaven Administrators and Moderators have every right to remove a member's content. If something of yours is removed, you will be contacted via PM as to the reason.

Like a Star @ heaven Do not talk about one another in any of the forums, threads, or chat box. If you are caught bad mouthing another member, you will be warned.

Like a Star @ heaven If the staff begins receiving multiple complaints about a member, undetermined action will be taken.

Like a Star @ heaven Do not harass or threaten any other members. If you are caught doing this, you will be warned,
and in severe cases banned without needing to meet the required amount of warnings.

Like a Star @ heaven One account per member. If multiple accounts are made by one person, all but one will be deleted. If you wish to change your username, please contact YumiSplash. Do not take advantage of this.

Like a Star @ heaven Religion and Politics will NOT be discussed in any form on this site.

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Rules of the Forum
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